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Eating Disorder Clinics Pembroke Pines

Treat Anorexia Nervosa | Treat Bulimia Nervosa

eating disorder clinics pembroke pines

Are you looking for eating disorder clinics in Pembroke Pines? Well you’ve come to the right place.

So just what is an eating disorder?

An eating disorder is characterized by abnormal eating habits that may involve either insufficient or excessive food intake to the detriment of an individual's physical and emotional health.

Because of what kids see on television, movies and magazine covers, a lot of them struggle with the way they look because of what is portrayed to be beautiful according to the media. Many kids suffer from low self esteem.

Add the physiological changes that kids go through during puberty and it is clear as to why so many kids are experiencing some kind of eating disorder.

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are two such eating disorders that can be very damaging to the body if not treated properly.

Parents, it is vital that you play in important role in your child’s life by nurturing their self-esteem and encouraging confidence along the way.

However, if for any reason you are concerned that your child may be developing an eating disorder, it is essential that you get involved and seek out the information to get your child to an eating disorder clinic as early as possible.

Eating Disorder Clinics Pembroke Pines

Lisa C. Palmer, MS-Counseling for Eating Disorders and Relationships?

4801 South University Drive

Davie, FL 33328



Broward Addiction Recovery Center

1000 SW 2nd Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL


eating disorder clinics florida
Betty Hughes, Ph.D., LMHC

3854 Sheridan Street, Suite A

Hollywood, FL 33021

Telephone: 954-981-5626

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