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How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell Yourself

Can You Totally Eliminate The Dog Urine Odor?

get rid of dog urine smell

How to get rid of dog urine smell? I know this must be a very embarrassing situation for you. I know because my wife and I had to deal with it for years.

You really only have two options when it comes to getting rid of the dog urine smell.

The first method which is definitely the best but not always possible to achieve for all of us is to correct the behavior of your pet then change out or remove whatever it was that was soiled by the urine.

I know for us, we didn’t have this option at the time.

So what’s the next option when it comes to getting rid of dog urine smell?

The first thing is, you need to try to control the amount of time that the urine sits let’s say on the carpet. The longer you allow it to settle in, the harder it will be when trying to totally eliminate the dog urine smell.

So you will need to have a system in place to control how long your puppy or dog is left unsupervised This may mean caging your dog when you are away at work. Eventually, this may become your only choice and the best method to get rid of dog urine smell.

I know that may be a difficult choice, but if your dog soils the carpet early in the morning and you don’t see it until the evenings when you get it home from work then the urine would have settled in because of the time elapsed.

Okay, so the accident already happened what should I do now?

There are a lot of various methods of removing dog urine from carpets and quite frankly most of them only mask the odor of the urine.

What we found to be the best method to get rid of dog urine smell was using a product called "Pee Away" which neutralized the smell of urine and also kept our dog away.

In our situation, we had to apply the product several times after renting a Dirt Devil (self steamer) to get down deep into the carpets. After several applications we felt confident again that visitors wouldn’t smell the urine which was our main concern.

We also eventually got to the source of the problems of our dog Coco by hiring a trainer which eventually corrected his bad behavior.

So to summarize, you will eventually have to control the root of the problem otherwise using Pee Away will only be temperate solutions for your annoying problem.

Good Luck!

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