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How to Groom a Dog Yourself

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Tips on How to Groom a Dog Yourself

Your dog is like a child, so it’s very important to keep them well groomed. Taking your dog to the groomers can get quite expensive.

One option that you have is to learn to groom your dog yourself.

Below is an article from that will point you in the right direction:

How to Groom a Dog a Dog Yourself


Difficulty: Moderately Easy


It is good your dog’s coat and skin to be brushed on a regular basis. Not only does it stimulate circulation and healthy fur growth, but it picks up hairs that will otherwise be distributed all over your house and furniture!


Clipping or using a dremel to shorten claws may not be the most fun for either you or your dog, but it will avoid snags, broken and bleeding nails, and allow your dog to walk comfortably which is good for skeletal balance.


Check ears regularly, too. Particularly if you have a dog with floppy or hanging ears where air circulation can be low, irritations can build up in the ear canal causing infections and discomfort. Some dogs may need to have the hair in the ears pulled to keep canals open. This doesn’t hurt the dog, but it does take a little of your time.


A number of dogs, especially long-haired ones, can build up fur between the toes. It’s a good idea to keep this fur snipped on an even level with the pads on the foot or it can trap sharp or sticky objects. It can also mat up and make walking and running uncomfortable.


Try to make a habit of brushing or scaling teeth regularly. Dental problems are common in dogs and abscesses are painful and dangerous to a pup’s health. Always check that gums are pink and healthy. By taking care of oral health, your dog’s breath will be much better for kisses, too!


Other handy grooming tips are to check anal glands every now and again, examine eyes and — this is the best of all — pat and stroke your dog often. The last suggestion gives you a chance to check what’s going on under the fur all over the body, makes your dog very happy, and is really fun to do!


Please keep in mind that it will probably not go as smoothly as you would like the first time you attempt this at home.

You have to remember though that you are not accustomed to doing this and neither is your pet. So practice makes perfect and as you become more comfortable with the process, so will your pet.

Hope you enjoyed the tips on How to Groom a Dog Yourself

Happy Grooming!

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